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OPENING: The Stripper – St James Studio

The Stripper - St James Studio - PromoFrom the creators of The Rocky Horror Show Richard O’Brien and Richard Hartley, The Stripper will be revealed to London audiences in the studio of St James Theatre from 7 July.

The Stripper was originally staged by the Sydney Theatre Company in 1982, but didn’t reach the UK until a small five week tour in 2009. Despite Richard O’Brien’s revisions and his joining the cast, The Stripper was only exposed to UK audiences in Hornchurch, Milton Keynes and Glasgow.

Thankfully director Benji Sperring is at the helm following a successful re-invention of O’Brien & Hartley’s 1981 movie Shock Treatment which delighted fans and critics last year at The King’s Head Theatre. Benji will be joined by many of the creative team from Shock Treatment, including choreographer Lucie Pankhurst, Musical Director Alex Beetschen, sets and costumes designed by Tim Shortall, and lighting by Nic Farman.

The story of The Stripper is an adaptation of the 1961 book of the same name written by Carter Brown, a pseudonym used by author Alan Yates for his best selling pulp detective fiction novels:

The year 1961, the place Pine City, California and some broad is threatening to throw herself off the top of the fanciest hotel in town. There’s trouble brewing and Lieutenant Al Wheeler wants answers.

First stop, Club Extravaganza where we meet delectable Deadpan Dolores. Her name says it all… she’s not shy, so what’s she hiding?

As Wheeler is thrust into a sleazy underworld of strip-joints and lost lonely hearts, the truth isn’t the only thing he uncovers.

The seating plan suggests that there will be two stages, one either side of some table seating, hence the promise that we’ll get to see the full story from every angle…

EDIT: Casting has now been announced!

  • Sebastien Torkia – Al Wheeler
  • Gloria Onitiri – Deadpan Dolores/ Patty Keller
  • Marc Pickering – Doc Murphy/ Miles Rovak/ Harvey Stern
  • Hannah Grover – Annabelle/ Sherry Mendez/ Sarah Arkwright
  • Michael Steedon – Sheriff Lavers / Jacob Arkwright/ Steve Loomas

You can see a sneak preview as the cast of The Stripper appear on stage in Trafalgar Square at West End Live. The Stripper performance is scheduled to start at 17:30 on Saturday 18 June.

For London Theatre tickets (including The Stripper) visit

The Stripper is at the St James Theatre Studio from 7 July – 13 August 2016.


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