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Stewart Lee – Leicester Square Theatre, 3 December 2013

Stewart Lee - Much A-Stew About Nothing - FlyerI’ve been a fan of Stewart Lee since his first mainstream success collaborating with Richard Herring in 90’s BBC shows Fist Of Fun and This Morning With Richard Not Judy, but it’s his stand-up shows that I’ve always admired for their deconstruction of comedy and what makes a joke funny. His style certainly polarises his television audience due to its repetition and seemingly rambling nature, but to me it impressively manages to be both funny in its own right and educational about the mechanics of comedy.

Stewart Lee - Much A-Stew About Nothing - Leicester Square TheatreHis current tour Much A-Stew About Nothing has been touring the UK since September to try-out material for the upcoming third series of Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle, and with over 100 dates demonstrates his drive for perfection. Here he delivered four half-hour segments to test reactions and refine his timing.

Since the programme won’t be airing until next year, I won’t give any spoilers – but I can confirm that he’s on top form and continuing his in-character disappointment with his audience for either not laughing in the right places, not trying hard enough or finding things too funny.

Stewart LeeFor that reason I was rather nervous meeting him afterwards as he signed merchandise, but thankfully he was out of character and incredibly pleasant.

‘Much A-Stew About Nothing’ continues to tour until 15 February 2014 – for details see


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